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Our garage is a proud, independent garage in South London who aim to provide outstanding services for our customers. Therefore, we do what we can to provide a wide variety of services for your vehicle whether it’s MOT testing or exhaust system services. We want our customers to be able to rely on us to solve their vehicle needs – and we’re happy to offer our exhaust services at affordable, competitive prices.

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Where is the exhaust system located in your vehicle?

At Eagle Autos, we are proud to offer an excellent customer experience by providing a wide range of services for your vehicle. One of the services we provide includes exhaust services and repairs. The exhaust system is one of the hardest working parts of your vehicle as it is always in use whenever the engine is running. On most vehicles, the exhaust system has four main components which include the manifold, front downpipe, the centre section, and the rear silencer box.

What causes the exhaust system to stop working?

The exhaust system is tested during your vehicle’s annual MOT test. However, a defective exhaust could result in your vehicle failing the test. If the exhaust system stops working properly it can create excessive noise which could result in making your vehicle illegal to drive. If you ignore this it could result in you having to pay a fixed penalty fine. As modern vehicle designs began to emerge in the 1990s any vehicle that was registered after 1993 had a catalytic converter fitted as part of its kit. One of the most common parts of the exhaust system to become defective is the rear silencer. This is due to moisture gathering inside the box and affecting the metal. This can lead to corrosion from the inside which can result in a hole – this is what causes an exhaust to blow and stop working properly.

How long can a catalytic converter last for?

Catalytic converters can last for up to 10 years, however, it will vary from vehicle to vehicle depending on its mileage and engine tune. On average, 50,000 miles on a vehicle is a good way to anticipate when to change a catalytic converter. Most vehicle owners will have to replace the catalytic converter once during the life of their vehicle. If the catalytic converter fails earlier than anticipated it is vital to find out the reason why, before it’s replaced. Doing this will prevent it from happening again when a new one is fitted. Exhaust systems in modern vehicles are fitted with catalytic converters to reduce harmful emissions such as fuel hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere. The catalytic converter can turn the hot fuel combustion gases from the vehicle into water vapour – which creates less harmful gases including nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide.

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